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Training Philosophy

At Orion we emphasize the education of both horse and rider.  Our goal is to provide a compassionate and supportive environment where riders can learn and horses can reach their full potential.  By focusing on the principles of the training pyramid, each horse is brought up the levels at a pace that is right for that individual. Riders are also worked with on an individual bases to asses their goals and work out the steps to achieve them.

The beginning of each ride is used to assess  the horses state of mind, as well as how the horse feels physically that day. By taking this time the rider can be sure to choose exercises that will provide the best learning experience.  Like wise, time will be taken before each lesson to discuss with the rider how he or she is feeling that day.  This information, as well as how the horse warms up will be taken into account as the lesson progresses to provide the most productive lesson possible.

Head Trainer ~ Elizabeth King

Orion Dressage Sporthorses’ head trainer bronze and silver medalist, Elizabeth King, has an extensive background in horsemanship and has been riding since she was four years old. 

Dressage has been Elizabeth’s focus since 1999 transitioning at that time from an earlier focus in the hunter/jumper world,  Elizabeth has trained with Tom Noone, Gunnar Ostergaard, Melanie Southard and Andreas Helgestrand.  

Elizabeth has worked with many different levels of horses and riders. She grew up riding ponies and many ex-race horses, and as a young girl at the family-run barn she gave “first start” lessons to children who were too young to begin riding instruction with her older sister. She has also spent time working with special needs and differently-abled riders. This history has left her with a love and respect for all breeds and taught her many skills that she uses daily in her approach to teaching and training. Her experience with such diverse needs (both human and equine) translates into her focus on fostering a complete understanding and connection between horse and rider, and it is this philosophy that guides and structures her individual training techniques.